Mental Health can affect everyone at any time. Issues can have an impact on not only efficiency and productivity in the workplace but also relationships and private lives.

Ann qualified with Mental Heath First Aid England to deliver the 2 day adult course in 2019.


Due to today's situation of social distancing MHFA has introduce a virtual course commencing in late June of 2020. This can be done over 4 x 3 hr sessions evenings or weekends.

From mid June Ann will also be offering again via Skype the 1/2 day (3 hrs) mental health first aid awareness course.

Prices and timings for both of these courses are on request. Please use contact form on this site or email.

When the current situation is over again Ann will be delivering face to face both the adult 2 day course and the 1/2 day awareness face to face
The course being offered is 2 days split over a couple of weeks to ensure assimilation and contemplation of the information. Ann found if the 2 days were simultaneous there was a high percentage of drop out on the second day. Preferably each day of the course will be followed by a day off. This is why these courses are being offered on a Saturday too give the course attendees time for their own mental well-being.

The cost of a course is £1400 for up to 16 candidates which is a cost of £92 per head, however this can be negotiated. Mental Health First Aid England show the value of this course is £300 per person. Courses are at a venue of your choice and run between 9 and 5.

As the course is administered directly through Mental Health First Aid England attendees sign up on line
50 % of the course cost is payable on booking and the remainder within 28 days of the final day. Included in the course cost are manuals, workbooks, certificates of completion and other items supplied by Mental Health First Aid England.

Please contact for further details via contact on this website or


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