This is just an overview of some of the training we offer. All of our courses can be adjusted to fit your specific requirements please feel free to contact us for your own bespoke training package.

Additional Services


The role of the Healthcare Support Worker and Adult Social Care Worker – this course gives the care
worker an overview of what may be expected of care and support workers. This is the first unit of
The Care Certificate and can be adapted for those moving on to the mentoring or supervisors role.

Basic life support – this course covers the requirements of unit 12 of the care Certificate and has the
practical elements of recovery position, CPR and defibrillation. The course including defibrillation is 3
hours and without defibrillation is 2 hours.

First aid at work – As a requirement of legislation this course is over 18 hours (3 days) and is
externally assessed.

Emergency first aid at work – this course is externally monitored and covers all topics required by
legislation and is aimed at the injuries and situations of illness within your specific establishment.
This course is 6 hours.

Moving and Handling (For care workers and nurses) - An essential part of the work that all involved
in care and support must have on an annual or bi annual basis. Please note I do not undertake moving and handling courses in East Sussex. Please contact East Sussex Adult Social Care for moving and handling training courses

Moving and Handling (For ancillary staff) – many establishments forget the ancillary staff also carry
out moving objects around the establishment such as vacuum cleaners and lunch trolleys.
This course is designed to ensure that those not directly involved in care and support also are compliant
with legislation and is specific to their role. Basic course is 4 hours and the update is 1 ½ hrs. Please note I do not undertake moving and handling courses in East Sussex. Please contact East Sussex Adult Social Care for moving and handling training courses 


Moving and Handling (for emergency situations) – this course covers the use of emergency sleds and
or evacuation chairs. Due to the nature of this course it will be held on your premises and two
trainers are required for safety reasons. The course is a minimum of 3 hours and should only be
undertaken by experienced staff. Please note I do not undertake moving and handling courses in East Sussex. Please contact East Sussex Adult Social Care for moving and handling training courses


Safeguarding of adults at risk – 3 – 4hr course covering all of the types of abuse which can happen and how to respond to disclosures.


Dementia awareness – This course gives a more in-depth knowledge of the issues surrounding
dementia and other cognitive conditions a service user may have as the second step of learning
when staff have completed the introduction in the Care certificate unit 9.


Person-centred care and support – This course is gives an understanding of how an individual’s life
and previous experiences will have an influence over their care planning and mapping. This is in
addition to unit 5 of the Care Certificate.


Handling information, Confidentiality and communication – This course can be used as part of the
annual training and is the next step from units 6 and 14 of the Care Certificate.


Moving and Handling Trainers course - is 4 days with a two day annual update which includes their
own practice and new techniques to deliver.


Moving and Handling Basic course - is 6 hours and covers legislation, anatomy and techniques which
are deemed to be safe for assisting service users. No hoists are used in this course.


Hoist awareness - covers the awareness of the safety of using hoists also the different types which
may be found. This course is 4 hours.


Updates – these courses are carried out on your premises and are targeted for the specificrequirements or your establishment and any new techniques which have been introduced since previous training. These courses can range in time from 1 ½ hrs to 3 hours depending upon the type of organisation.


Health and Safety (includes fire awareness, COSHH, RIDDOR, display screens, security of the home or
domiciliary care worker) –
this is the only course all employees must have by law as stated in the
health and safety at work act 2 – 3 hrs depending on establishment.


Food Hygiene – basic food hygiene awareness for care workers and ancillary staff 2-3 hrs depending
on establishment.


Mental capacity and DoLS - 3-4 hours course, basic understanding of the mental capacity act and
deprivation of liberty safeguards.


Human Rights, equality and diversity – basic awareness of human rights and the rights of service
users and staff, how to treat people equally and respect diversity.


Activities of daily life – understanding the activities of daily life and how the care and support worker
can include these in all tasks they undertake with service users 2-3 hrs.


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